How can people turn the human phenomenon of falling in love into a meditation?

How can people turn the human phenomenon of falling in love into a meditation?

IT IS THE EASIEST WAY. In human life, love is the closest phenomenon to meditation. The moment you fall in love with someone, what actually happens? What transpires between those two who have fallen in love with each other? They drop their egos -- at least for each other. They drop their hypocrisies, their masks. They want to be together, almost one soul within two bodies. That's the desire of love.

And this is a beautiful moment to change it into a meditation. Just nobody has ever told them. In fact, just the opposite has been told to them: that love is against meditation, so people who are falling in love can never become meditators.

THE SAME PEOPLE who make celibacy spiritual make love unspiritual, something dirty, condemned. But to me things are totally different. Love helps you to relax, which is part of meditation. Love helps you to be joyous, which is part of meditation. Love helps you, for a few moments at least, to be silent, which is the essential part of meditation. And finally, making love, if you attain to an orgasmic experience, gives you a glimpse of what meditation is, but it is millions of times more than this.

So to me, love is a basic experience which can help you to become meditators. The old religions have been preventing it, and they have been preventing it for a certain reason. If people can transform their love into meditation, then the priests and the churches and the synagogues are no more needed, then people are totally free. No spiritual leadership is needed. And there are millions of priests around the world, like parasites on humanity. And naturally they will give you wrong ideas, against love, and they will give you ideas for meditation, but because you don't have the basic experience....

LOVE IS JUST LIKE when you enter into a swimming pool, step by step you are going into deeper water. Then the floor of the swimming pool is divided in two parts, one for those who cannot swim, so the water is up to your neck, and then the second part for those who can swim.

But those who want to learn swimming have to learn in the first part, which is not for swimmers. They have to learn it there. Once they have learned, then slowly they will gather courage and enter into deeper water, because for a swimmer it does not matter how deep the water is; the swimmer is always on the surface. The water may be a hundred feet deep, five hundred feet deep, or five miles deep, it makes no difference to the swimmer. It makes a difference only to the non-swimmer. Beyond five feet, everything is death. But the swimming pool is one -- shallow, deep -- it is one. And the boundary line is only a line until you learn to swim.

To me, love and meditation are just like that. Love is the shallow space in a swimming pool, for those who cannot meditate. But that is the place to learn meditation. And it is the same pool, it is the same water, it is the same kind of phenomenon. You are just unable to go deeper because you have been made afraid even to enter into it. The shallow part has been condemned, and you have been told to jump into the deeper part without knowing how to swim.

So they disturbed your love life by condemnation and they disturbed your meditative life by sheer strategy: because you don't know swimming, you cannot go so deep. And you don't have any experience of silence, peace, sheer joy, a little bit of ecstasy, something orgasmic -- these will give you the hints how meditation is not a myth. You have tasted it a little bit. It is the same energy field, just you have to go deeper into it.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS when one couple moves into the realm of orgasmic experience? What actually happens? Every point has to be understood. Time stops. For a moment the pendulum does not move, and that single moment seems to be almost eternity. The two persons are no more two -- for a moment. They have melted into each other. There is no thought in the mind, for a moment. It is all empty and silent, and these are the things which have to be deepened in meditation.

And once you have tasted them, you will be surprised that it does not depend on the other person. Something happens within you. Something happens within the other person. But it is not dependent. If you can sit silently, if you can manage, by watching your thoughts, to bring a gap, a stop, you will suddenly see time has stopped again. And now it is in your hands, not in the hands of biology. You can keep this time stopped as long as you want. And once you know the secret key....

The key is: no thoughts, no ego, no time -- you just are.

That's why I have never been against love. I have been much condemned for it, naturally, because I was cutting the very roots of the business of all the religions.

EVERY RELIGION IS against me. Their profession depends on condemning love and praising meditation. They know you cannot attain to meditation, and they know now your love is condemned, it is a sin. You will never experience any orgasmic phenomenon, so meditation will remain just a philosophy, and your life will remain loveless, angry, full of rage, ready to explode at any excuse. Because where will your energy go?

It could have become peace, silence, joy, blissfulness. You did not allow it to become that. That repressed energy turns into poison. That's why everybody is irritable, annoyed, worried, tense. The simple reason is that they have lost the natural source of relaxation.

No animal looks irritated, annoyed, angry, because they don't understand the language the priests speak.

They have never heard that celibacy is spiritual. Of course they cannot attain to meditation, but they are far better than those human beings who could have attained meditative heights, but have lost even the simple biological experience of orgasm.

THOSE ARE SIMPLY indications of your possibilities, potentialities. And it is easier to experiment with something natural in the beginning and then to try something which is supernatural, which belongs to higher nature.

And once you know how to be silent, how to be thoughtless, how to be in a state of no time, no mind, you experience such orgasmic joy, which has nothing to do with sex, it has such purity and such innocence.

A man who has attained to that purity and innocence has no need of sex, it is no longer a psychological problem for him. But there is no prohibition either. He can enjoy sex too, and he will enjoy it more than anybody else, because his orgasm will immediately become meditative.

Having experienced the meditative orgasm -- such a greater phenomenon -- his sexual orgasm will immediately trigger the bigger orgasm. He can play with sex. There is no harm in it. There is no need, but there is no prohibition either. It is up to him.

THE MEDITATIVE ORGASM absorbs your sexual energy, because you don't have any other energy. Your whole energy is sexual energy, and that vast explosion of joy simply absorbs all your energy. Hence, you need not become a pervert, you need not make an effort to remain celibate. It is just your choice.

If you want to play old games once in a while, it is perfectly good. In fact, perhaps it should be a part of every enlightened man's life to have sex once in a while, because that will change the attitude of the whole world about sex.

Without that, it is very difficult to change. Then they can see that even an enlightened person can enjoy sex. There is nothing sin-like in it. And it will join the enlightened man and unenlightened man in a bridge. At least on one point, both experience the same thing....

Love is a natural kind of meditation. And meditation is a supernatural kind of love.

What is Meditation?

Krishnamurti with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

The Whole World Is Sad Because Of Marriage


There is an interesting research on the fidelity of marriage published in The New York Times, ' The most consistent data on infidelity come from the General Social Survey, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and based at the University of Chicago, which has used a national representative sample to track the opinions and social behaviors of Americans since 1972. The survey data show that in any given year, about 10 percent of married people — 12 percent of men and 7 percent of women — say they have had sex outside their marriage.'

The researchers also see big changes in relatively new marriages. About 20 percent of men and 15 percent of women under 35 say they have ever been unfaithful, up from about 15 and 12 percent respectively.

But I think this is a very low percentage compared to the actual cheating game played by husbands and wives. Both the partners go on cheating and want that the other should not know about it. Can't blame them. The way marriage is structured, is stifling and everyone wants to breathe fresh air once in a while. Not a big crime for sure!

Osho hammers the outdated institution of marriage which has an inherent scope for infidelity.

Osho asks a pertinent question in his book The Messiah Vol #8

" What goes wrong between husbands and wives, even after a love marriage? It is not love, and everybody has accepted it as if he knows what love is. It is pure lust. Soon you are fed up with each other. Biology has tricked you for reproduction and soon there is nothing new -- the same face, the same geography, the same topography. How many times have you explored it?

The whole world is sad because of marriage, and the world still remains unaware of the cause.

" When you live together, the husband comes home late; there is no need, no necessity for the wife to inquire where he has been, why he's late. He has his own space, he's a free individual. Two free individuals are living together and nobody encroaches on each others' spaces. If the wife comes late, there is no need to ask "Where have you been?" Who are you? -- she has her own space, her own freedom.

But this is happening every day, in every home. Over small matters they are fighting, but deep down the question is that they are not ready to allow the other to have his own space.

"Likings are different. Your husband may like something, you may not like it. That does not mean that it is the beginning of a fight, that because you are husband and wife, your likings should also be the same. And all these questions... every husband returning home goes on in his mind, "What is she going to ask? How am I going to answer?" And the woman knows what she's going to ask and what he's going to answer, and all those answers are fake, fictitious. He's cheating her.

"What kind of love is this that is always suspicious, always afraid of jealousies? If the wife sees you with some other woman -- just laughing, talking -- that's enough to destroy your whole night. If the husband sees the wife with another man and she seems to be more joyous, more happy, this is enough to create a turmoil.

" People are unaware that they don't know what love is. Love never suspects, love is never jealous. Love never interferes in the other's freedom. Love never imposes on the other. Love gives freedom, and the freedom is possible only if there is space in your togetherness."

And to end this write up on a playful note here is an Osho joke:

Paddy's wife Maureen has had it. She goes to see her attorney, Abraham Babblebrain, and tells him she wants a divorce.

"Very well, Mrs O'Grady," says Babblebrain, "what are your grounds?
You have to have a reason for getting a divorce."

"Reason?" says Maureen. "Really? What sort of reason?"

"Well," says Babblebrain patiently, "for example, one reason would be if your husband does not give you enough money."

"Pah," snorts Maureen, "give me money? I give him money."

"Okay," says Babblebrain, "what about cruelty then? Does he beat you?"

"Pah," snorts Maureen again, "beat me? I beat him."

"Ah," says the lawyer, "so what about infidelity? Is he faithful to you in love?"

"That's it!" cries Maureen. "That's how we get him. I know for a fact that he is not the father of our third child."

From the book : Zen: The Diamond Thunderbolt # 1/courtesy Osho International Foundation/

Zoran Đinđić - intervju

Zauvek ću Te voleti, Gospodine!


Noam Chomsky About Serbia, Kosovo, Yugoslavia and NATO War

Kosovo: Can You Imagine?

Kosovo | Can you Imagine?, Косово | Можете ли да замислите? from Владимир Чановић on Vimeo.

Kosovo: Can You Imagine? is a documentary film by Canadian filmmaker Boris Malagurski, about the Serbs that live in Kosovo and the lack of human rights that they have today, in the 21st century.

Most of the Kosovo Serbs have been ethnically cleansed by the Albanians who make up the majority of Kosovo.

Kosovo has been under UN administration since 1999 when NATO bombed Serbia for 78 days to halt a crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatism in its province of Kosovo.

In the years following the war, thousands of Serbs were expelled from their homes, kidnapped and killed. Their houses, cultural and religious sites were burned and destroyed.

Kosovo for the Serbs is what Jerusalem is for the Jewish people. It is the cradle of their statehood, culture and religion. Most of the important Serbian Christian Orthodox monasteries are in Kosovo.

Today, Serbs still have a deep spiritual and traditional connection to Kosovo, a land which is being cleansed of everything Serbian.

Most of the Kosovo Serbs are internally displaced, some of them live in small containter camps, in ghettos, all this in the heart of Europe in the 21st century.

We follow the stories of several Serbs who have fell victim to a nationalist and irredentist ideology that has a goal of creating a pure Albanian state of "Kosova" ("Kosovo" in Albanian)

Serbs in Kosovo have no basic human rights. You will be shocked to learn which atrocities they have to face each day.

Lock of light

You went there where we cannot follow you..
left behind this stellar dust
which has descended onto our arms softly
like your palms

silver threads of your hair wrapped between the worlds
just to tell us that you are here somewhere
that you will always be here
even when you will not be

your voice
and your hands
delicate and weak
in the end
took with them all our misunderstandings
All of our inabilities
to provide you fully
what you only needed

that someone accepts and loves you
just like that
as you were,

girl asleep in a step
towards the world of eternal Goodness
Love .....................

and again...

While your love
penetrates me like
lava which rises
within this volcanic crater
such as avalanches that is
incontinently falling out
down those glacial slopes
scattering itself
and stopping only upon
soft and supple valleys
My love whispers in your ear
words gentle like moonlight
which fell on blue branches of trees
on the silver glint of the surface of the sea
on dried red roses that I forever
stored in the chambers of my heart
for you
for me
for that dawn about which
you said
even as a child you only dreamed of
and now you have found me
you nestle your lips on mine
interlace yours with my heat
anchored your commitment into the blue ports of my existence
permeated me to the tiniest pulses of my awareness
and would it be right for me to stay quiet
that i do not sing that melody
of grace
that irreversibly
into our history is
nailing ...


I found it on the net and liked it :)..


- It is possible. If you are enlightened then the question of jealousy does not arise at all; then it is impossible to have jealousy. Before enlightenment it is possible to live without jealousy. You just have to look into the causes of jealousy.

What makes you jealous? -- possessiveness. Jealousy itself is not the root. You love a woman, you love a man; you want to possess the man or the woman just out of fear that perhaps tomorrow he may move with somebody else. The fear of tomorrow destroys your today, and it is a vicious circle. If every day is destroyed because of the fear of tomorrow, sooner or later the man is going to look for some other woman because you are just a pain in the neck. And when he starts looking for another woman or starts moving with another woman, you think your jealousy has proved right. In fact it is your jealousy that has created the whole thing.

So the first thing to remember is: Don't be bothered about tomorrows; today is enough. Somebody loves you... let this be a day of joy, a day of celebration. Be so totally in love today that your totality and your love will be enough for the man not to move away from you. Your jealousy will move him away; only your love can keep him with you. His jealousy will move you away; his love can keep you with him.

Don't think of tomorrow. The moment you think of tomorrow your living today remains half-hearted. Just live today, and leave tomorrow, it will take its own course. And remember one thing, that if today has been such a beauty of experience, such a blessing -- out of today is born tomorrow, so why be worried about it?
If some day the man you have loved, the woman you have loved finds somebody else -- it is simply human to be happy, but your woman is happy with somebody else -- it does not make any difference whether she is happy with you or happy with somebody else, she is happy. And if you love her so much how can you destroy her happiness?

A real love will always be happy if the partner feels joyous with somebody else. In this situation -- when a woman is with somebody else, and you are still happy and you are still grateful to the woman and you still tell the woman, "You have absolute freedom; just be totally happy, that is my happiness. With whom you are happy is insignificant, what is significant is your happiness" -- my feeling is that she cannot remain away from you for long, she will be back. Who can leave such a man or such a woman?

Your jealousy destroys everything.
Your possessiveness destroys everything.

Before enlightenment you have to understand that what you are gaining out of jealousy you are burning in the fire: the more you become jealous and angry and hateful, the more you are throwing the other person far away from you. It is simple arithmetic that it is not going to help; you are destroying the same thing that you want to preserve.
It is simply idiotic -- it is German!

Just try to understand a simple fact that human beings are human beings. Everybody gets bored with the same person once in a while. Be factual; don't live in fictions. Everybody gets fed up with the same person once in a while. That does not mean that his love has stopped; it simply means a little change is needed. It is good for his health, it is good for your health. You both need a little holiday from each other. Why not do it consciously, "We are feeling stuck. What about having a one-week holiday? I love you, you love me; that is so certain that there is no fear."

My own experience is that after one day's holiday you will fall in love with each other on a higher and deeper level, because now you will see how much you love each other: you cannot even see the sadness that comes naturally by living together. Don't possess each other. Keep the freedom intact so that you don't interfere in each other's private world and you respect the dignity of the other person.

Once this is felt, once in a while you may go on separate holidays, come back again and there will be no need to be worried. You will be surprised that when your woman comes back to you after living with some other man for seven days, and you come back to your woman after living with some other woman for seven days, you both have learned some new things. You can have another honeymoon again. You are new and fresh, and you have learned new tricks. And it is always good to have fresh experiences, enrichment.
It is not that you need enlightenment and only then jealousy will disappear; you only need human understanding, intelligence, and jealousy will disappear.

So don't wait for enlightenment! I know many sannyasins are waiting for enlightenment, and meanwhile being as much jealous as possible, because after enlightenment you cannot!

Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries
Chapter #21


I love your words about love.
They enter my inner vastness
and fill it with a gentle breeze
that brings spring
into the garden of my soul

I love a smile on your lips.
It calms down the storms
that wave in the absence
of the sense of life
and puts everything in its own place

I love your sweet embrace.
It closes the hole for the unknown
fears and anxieties
All of which stay outside the circle
of safe
which you create for me.

That Moment

When you want me so strongly that
Your desire ignites
All of your internal structure
And that fire melts
Those last steel columns
Of your defenses
And then you touch me,
And bend yourself toward my face
Toward my eyes
Toward my lips
And at that moment of contact
Of your blood-red lips
You flow through me like
The lightning that breaks
A tall tree into two,
You become as the blade that slashes me
there where I am the most
From inside of me fly away
All the birds of wandering and fears
They go to search for some
for them more hospitable regions
and I feel
How from the top to bottom
Of this endless being
The feeling of sweetness fulfills me
This wine under the skin
This scream in the middle of the night
This Madness

Of our

Love ...

You and Me

Overcome that, my love ..
I know that it is difficult
I know it looks scary
I know, you'd rather not,
If you do not have to..

Overcome that, love.
For two of us in the truth
for freedom in our hands
vulnerability of dewdrop
on curved mountain grass
under the first rays of the sun ..

Overcome that, my love ..
And then help me
that we go together through the gates of hell
and exit to the other side as
free beings
that nothing
and noone
in any of the worlds
can not

I Love You

I love you this morning
until the sun shyly runs
its rays through the cracks of clouds
and is opening the locks of fog
which is folded around the trees and people
around our sleeping beings
in dreams intertwined

I love you this dawn
in which I confessed to you my
deepest soul shiver
whose string under your fingers
sing pleasantly mildly and gently
that sometimes my body hurts me from pleasure

I love you
your boyish tenderness
your mysterious smile
sent to me
your unhidden joy
and love in your eyes
love in hands by which you are hugging me
like never
you will not let me go...

My Love

Will I whisper these words
to you
as you did
to me
that night
with the shiniest smile
I have ever seen

Will I tell you how
my heart is burning for you
like a thousand Suns
were inside one room

Will I give you all that I am
as a free gift just with
one red ribbon
around my heart

Will I overpower the fear
of jumping into unknown
when I see you...

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