and again...

While your love
penetrates me like
lava which rises
within this volcanic crater
such as avalanches that is
incontinently falling out
down those glacial slopes
scattering itself
and stopping only upon
soft and supple valleys
My love whispers in your ear
words gentle like moonlight
which fell on blue branches of trees
on the silver glint of the surface of the sea
on dried red roses that I forever
stored in the chambers of my heart
for you
for me
for that dawn about which
you said
even as a child you only dreamed of
and now you have found me
you nestle your lips on mine
interlace yours with my heat
anchored your commitment into the blue ports of my existence
permeated me to the tiniest pulses of my awareness
and would it be right for me to stay quiet
that i do not sing that melody
of grace
that irreversibly
into our history is
nailing ...


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