small movement on the branch
and the bird which sung all night long
went away

for the long dark hours
i've listened to her voice
full of softness and yearning
full of grace and purity
full of life and longing
full of fullness
and wondered

if my soul were a bird
would it sing so beautifully
as the little bird on the tree near my window
or would it be silent
silent as the sun in the morning

or would my song be always the same
from one tone woven
perhaps joyful

i didn't know..
but when the bird left
my soul bowed to hers
with thankfulness..


In deep love it happens that the two persons are not two.
Something between the two has come into being,
and they have just become two poles.
Something is flowing between the two.
When this flow is there, you will feel blissful.
If love gives bliss, it gives bliss only because of this:
that two persons, just for a single moment, lose their egos.
The "other" is lost, and oneness comes into being just for a single moment.
If it happens, it is ecstatic, it is blissful, you have entered paradise.
Just a single moment, and it can be transforming.


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