Ooh, my God!
not God,
Is there in this world
at least one man who wants the good
to all, just all the people of the world?
Is there at least one man
who feels the pain because far away
children die before they are born?
Is there a man whose conscience is burning
for all the blood that is poured,
for every wound that hurts,
Is there, is there?
Oh Earth, oooh Earth!
Will at least for one hour
the voice of freedom ring
for all beings, for each stone
which originated in the gall ...
will this red blood
which is circulating my veins
unrevenged remain, forgotten?
Does one child, 19 years old,
must burn its own flesh
and die, for what?
Earth, for what, tell me?
Oh, cry, strike, brake
and make the end of shame
due to my cheeks are flashing,
due to my hands tremble,
for which my heart is breaking!
Oh Earth, beloved Mother, dear
With love I am writing you this,
because even I would not be
a Man, if I would not love you.
And youth in me,
proud, irreverent
wants a change of the roots, of flowers ..
Realize, oh, at least understand
the sincerity of my words.
No, I can not!
Too weak my shoulders are
to forgive .....
I feel ashamed, do you know?
Ashamed, do you know?
Ashamed for I live
and I am powerless, ashamed that
I am a man, helpless
and miserable, wretched creature!
And why, why ...?!

Earth, you're so empty, quiet
You just remain silent.
Yes, I would remain silent too
because there are no words of defence,
there are no words for justification.
And I have no power ...
But I would scream!
And I'd gnawed and bite
break my own hands and brain
Brain - that miserable dog.
Oh, let me be forgiven by all those
who know, all those who think
who walk, breathe and live!
If I am wrong.
Let them forgive me if I am wrong,
and I would also like that I am wrong.
That it is not the truth everything what I said.
But no. But no!
Black evidences are all around us.
Evidences strong, stronger than awareness
Here, in me too are breaking, scratching
the core of a large brain, digging
the armour around my heart, bolting the
conscience and break the power ...
Why? Oh say
why the man before the man
must to escape and to be afraid
for the life, his own life?
And how is it that hate in
some eyes is shining, pulsing?
Well I think I would, the first
my life, young, give
for one second of peace
in the world, I would give everything I have,
everything I've ever created, knew
for one second, hey, just for one second!
And then what?
It hurts me, I feel pain for that all
Will anyone, do you think, ever value that?
Well today no one sees the other!
Well today no one sees a friend!
Neither a brother, father or mother, sister,
not a closest cousin, how can that be, tell me?
I do not know ... I do not understand, I can not!
They are not clear to me, those stupid rules
after which, all as one,
are rushing into the abyss.
Into the abyss deep, empty and dark
bottomless abyss with no return ...
And so I will not do like that! I do not want that!
I want only a moment of happiness
But not for myself but for all!
For a man is still, and you know yourself,
a social being, and the books say,
reasonable .....
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
"Laugh when you would want to cry!"
Who cares?
Who, tell me, who does care?

Oh Earth, oh my asleep Earth,
too slow have been your movements,
too slow for all these things
which are happening in one day ...
Find the way, oh I beg you,
Find the exit, once and for all,
Find the path and walk by it,
rush towards a better freedom!
This cannot go on any further, listen,
you cannot continue like this, understand,
Well, you're not a child, my dear Earth
leave marks, leave a trace
so that in the future, all may know
that the road to happiness is given by their mother,
yes, just you, Earth, you be proud
because upon you and your stones people went
because by your sea, and your river
and your mountain, your man
runs the current of happiness and satisfaction,
so that yours, the Earth, all successors
think, "It is Great that I have begotten thee,
that me too walked these paths.
Imagine this, please, oh please!
With these two weak hands of mine,
in the name of love and humanism
in the name of birds, in the name of sky
on behalf of the sun, of careless morning
for a new, shiny future,
a piece of bread, I am begging you.


And if nothing be so
let everything turns into dust.
And let the wind cosmic, unknown,
our particles scatters everywhere.
And let the sun forever dies,
let the darkness swallow all the misery, shame,
that there is nothing left from us
in our disappearance let us find salvation!

And let die the last sound too
and an eternal silence arise.
Let die the last living whirlpool

Tell me

Say, do you believe
that happiness exists,
and that the land of dreams
is not very far
And that people have not
lost their eyes
that in this world there is
someone concerned about you

Say, are you hoping
that there will be days
when all human chains
will disappear
That a clean water
will flow from the source
and that all may be
start again ...

Tell me that Hope
still exists
that it's not the end
to all that was nice
Tell me and know
that I will not laugh
and that I will
trust you everything, blindly.

Tell that at least once
there will be no war
That peace will flow
through the world in waves.
Oh, is there
who say at least
the words of comfort to me...

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