You and Me

You've gone
still - u are so close to me

I receive your empty messages
still - I know you are thinking of me

with your touchings under my skin
with your closed eyes in front of mine

Time will pass quickly
until our paths meet on the crossroads again

I refuse to think
shall we chose the same highway then or
we will part

I believe

when two souls meet in that holly silence
of fulfillment
as ours did

we will always be in the same universe
as one

photo by kokero


tiamat said...
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tiamat said...

dear, you've reminded my of:
Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

i hope and believe that heaven will bring back our loved ones and replace lonely hours with moments celebrating, nothing else, but true love, delighting in everlasting fruits of divine mercy.

ps. u prvom komentaru je bilo pravopisnih grešaka, pa sam ga izbrisala. iz poštovanja prema čitatelju želim se engleskim koristiti što pravilnije. iako mi to ne ide uvijek od ruke..hehee..ali, trudim se.

Lavinia said...

thank you tiamat, i wish your wishes come true :))

btw another 5 or so weeks until we will meet again..

i miss him...

tiamat said...

me too.:)
no matter how hard it was or sometime still is, deep down inside, i believe heaven will have ears for my prayers.

btw i hope you are not hurt or insult with orgasmik's question and mine. im sure he didnt mean anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. i know i didnt. i have a high opinion about you and my thoughts, regarding to u, are always positive. throughout virtual reflection of your spirit, i could only see and feel how beautiful person u r. so as he, very special and rare.
umm...would it be wrong if i say that both of you are one of the kind..:)

*kisses & hugs 2 u both* *_*

Lavinia said...

Dear Tiamat,

Thank you for your kind words..

I have to admmit it was a little strange question and I cannot really understand unless as a joke :)

Hope to hear from J. in that regard, anyway :)


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