Soul pain

running through me like a warrior
in its heavy boots
looking nowhere
in the midst of the battle

eating the pieces of my strength
leaving me desperate
empty like a vase with no flowers

open windows on empty house
only curtains are shimmering out
blown by the wind power..

where are you
am i alone on this island where u left me
can your kisses travel through this distance
to the sunset of my hope

come to me, my lover boy
i wish our streams both collapse
in the waterfall
of ecstasy
and joy


tiamat said...

i wish i could take away your pain.
my thoughts are always near..

love to you, dear.

Lavinia said...

thank you so much, Tiamat,
it is really good feeling knowing someone is caring about you :))

love to you too,

tiamat said...

i hope you are ok.
i admit i was worried about you and it is a great relief to hear from you.
pls, take good care of yourself. you are very special.*__*

kisses and hugs.

Lavinia said...

thank you tiamat.. it is always nice to hear from you.. like some good medicine :))

hope you are alright as well..


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