can this be a poem :)?


photo(c) by Lavinia Amaldi


orgasmik said...

This IS a lovely poem,no word can come close to this.

i also wish to
Thankyou Sanja,....nice to feel the way you make me feel. Did nt want to write for a short period, wanted a break from everthing to follow my tormented soul, needed to hide in a silent forest, till my freedom came prompting ....brushing against the nakedness of my feelings.
Only in nakedness i can write, only in freedom i can be naked.

But if you say sweet words like this i wont stop writing.
by the way are you and Tiamat the same person.


tiamat said...

by being a poem,
your existence makes poetry.

nice photo, dear.
reminds me of an angel.
umm, perhaps i'm pschyodelic,
but, what can i say...
i c them often lately..demons too.
..and just 4 the record, i dont do drugs.Lol *-*

thanks 4 sharing.
kisses & hugs.

tiamat said...

dear friend from above,
didnt see you coming.
your presence always brings life to wasted land of mine.
it funny u ask that, cos the same question crossed my mind, about sanja and you. but then, i guess, in endless possibilities of life, maybe we all are the same person. please, do write. i come silently to your chambers to find peace for tormented soul. your poetry has become my temple where wounds hurt less and seem to heal more easily.
thank you for existing in this world of darkness, powerful illuminant of mine.

dear friends, lavi and orgasmik,
both of you are very special to me. you helped me a lot in dealing with my inner solitude and pain.
thanks guys for everything.

love, MM.

Lavinia said...

hey dear J. :))
thank you for your always kind words - and presence :)

btw no, tiamat and me are not the same person :)
as far as i understood we r from the same country once, that is not the one any more :))

r u and her the same ;)?

tiamat my dear,
lots of love to you,u r speccial to me as well :)

kisses and hugs

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