Peace, Love and Light, to all creatures of all worlds. Truly, there is nothing else that we can do but radiate, shine, alone, by our own strength, His strength, Her strength, of Life itself, in ourselves.

That is alpha and omega, that is the law and fate, that is the only religion, the only teaching.

Above it there is none. All the rest are only dreams, projections, game, nothing real, nothing touchable, like the white foam on top of waves... Everyday life is a wave, sometimes with a foam, sometimes without.

Today it is here, tomorrow it is gone.

Ocean is real, his depth like the undisturbed kingdom rules.

Be like that. You all be like that. Ocean does not ask for anything, it requires anything. it just is.

And therefore, peace love and light in every moment of life, and death.

There is no death.

Truly death does not exist.

Open yourself to that power that is eternal, that runs through you. And let her reshapes you by its own will. Do not resist to her. Do not be afraid. She knows why.


All that has ever happened should happen.

Let that go, do not lose any more of your power on matters that have passed. Now - this moment - you can be what you are.

Everything has been resolved, everything has been forgiven, it is over. Now - this moment - your soul can become magnificent, as it was eons before you, and eons after you. Remove your small caterpillars from the path of your own happiness, your own joy, your celebration that has been promised to you, once for all. Free as a bird, from yourself, from others, from your need for others. Open to that power, and it will do everything for you. Do not believe - check it. With the fullness of your heart go into change and observe what will happen. Not a rock will stay on a rock and the light will be born. As many lights before it. This is a truly wonderful world.


Nuit said...

mir, ljubav i svetlost i tebi, moja sestrice...

orgasmik said...

"Peace , love and light".....everday from everywhere!

Well Sanja,to answer your question --there was'nt nothing serious in my question, least of all to make you unhappy or hurt!

Tiamat says beautiful things and she just stopped writing, content in reading, saying wise words....it made me wonder who she is. And as you know i m always touched by anything thats beautiful, whether words, visions, persons. Always seeking to understand from which world comes this breed of people and things!
So keep the peace,love and light in your heart!

love and hugs

Lavinia said...

draga moja dusso, tebi i decici posebno :)) grlim vas!

dear orgasmik,
thank you for your answer.. i hope this is going to be behind us, and that our friendship is sane as always :)..
love and hugs for you too,

ps. and i agree about tiamat, i would love to read something from her on her new blog too - so tiamat, we are waiting for you :))

tiamat said...

almost year ago i met a man who had entered in my life like no other before him. though he left not long after, he is still a great part of me. nobody understands this love i feel. mostly people think you have to be physically part of someone's life if you want love to last. by being a living proof i know they are wrong.
two days ago a friend of mine ask me to marry him. turns out he has been secretly in love with me for years. i couldnt have believed things he said. like a devil was playing on me, the right words came from a wrong man. when i say wrong i mean someone i love but only as a dear friend. he kissed me and he wanted to make love with me. i would be lying if i say i didnt feel sexual desire, but i couldnt have done it. though feeling of being loved is pleasant and ive been alone for a long time with needs like all humans and with bottle of wine circulated through my blood, i simply couldnt have done it. all thing ended with me crying my soul out. we were both devastated. he saw me as a crazy freak who has been faithful to a ghost. i explained him that i wasnt just faithful to a ghost but to my own heart. love is an emotion built from very complex network of feelings and making love, for me, represents sharing of those feelings not only a fulfilment of needs. my friend knows i love him, but i am not in love with him. he is a good man with pure heart, and though we are both practically single i think it would have been a great mistake if i had done opposite.
maybe i am crazy, maybe i will never find my lost love and all things i've experienced are only a tricky game of my own mind. but the hope i will see him at the end of this journey has made my faith strong. if we ever meet again, i want to look him in the eyes and say: "forgive me, i have sinned in my life, but my love toward you has set me free. by my own will i have chosen to give my heart, soul and body to you. in this love my salvation lies".
with truth we bring peace, love and light to others and to ourselves.
please foregive me for my confession. i needed to share truth about my true love, me and friendship. hope you understand.

Lavinia said...

i understand.. and thank you for sharing it.. hope i ll be able to write little more soon...
love to you,

Lavinia said...

i am thinking of you, Tiamat,
wondering how are you and how are things going in your life..

just to let you know,

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