Do you know that moment when lovers meet after a long separation
when they touch each others hands
and place a small kiss upon the others cheek

How the Sun starts to shine stronger
and the waterfalls to run smoother
and the rainbow appears high on the sky
the Earth stops for a little while
to see how they mirror
into each others eyes
diving deep
to meet ones own soul
somewhere inside

How the butterflies become full of joy
while laying upon the vividest petals
as their hearts are beating faster
as their love is growing stronger
as their desire is burning the ice
of those cold, cold, lonely nights

How everything is there,
just there, beside you
and everything you ever wished for
is simply embracing you


orgasmik said...

if there's a moment i would'nt miss is when 'people dive into each others soul'


Lavinia said...

yesss, this moment could last as long as eternity :)....

nice 2 c u, btw :)

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