There is No Love Above the Truth

simple beauty by lavinia
photo by Lavinia.


orgasmik said...

love is the other name of truth ;-)

Lavinia said...

From a letter to a Friend...

"ps. thanks to you, one thought came to me a while ago, and that is,
there is no love above the truth...

truth gives meaning to love, and lie is killing it.
i think [now], if someone cannot live love in truth, it is not true love..
i do not know what is it then....

or, if we cannot live our love in truth, we should stay within limits we can in truth live - and if it is friendship, then be it so."

perhaps this explains why i felt like, truth is 'older'.. :)
thank you for your comment, Orgasmik

orgasmik said...

Truth need not have love in it..but love has truth in it....or else can exixt to be called be love....
but if you look more intensely truth is only a petal, beauty is another..but loveis the sunshine.....and the whole thing put togather can become the flower of life.

Lavinia said...

i understand what u mean, and perhaps you understand me, but, for some reason, i feel like we are fighting around the words..

all what i wanted to say, that if something what people are calling "love" does not contain the truth in it - it is a clear sign that it is not true Love.

so, truth is like a lacmus (litmus) paper - u remember that from school, i guess :))

from the other side, as you ve noticed, truth can exist without love, but love without truth, not.

lots of love,

ps. and once again, thank you for your time to stop here, to think about these issues and to speak with me, i really appreciate it..
thank you.

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