So, we have to say goodbye now?
After those moments of passion
and your sweet embrace
After those nights of longings
and your invisible touch
Is it over..
Closed doors, closed heart,
my hand in the air
empty is it now..

My friend
whom I passionately loved
even I knew
how wrong it is..
wrong was it
I do not know

So many years we flew through this stream
we knew
there , somewhere out there
is one heart
is one soul
that loves me
with true and free love
pure as a teardrop of a child

And then we broke the vows we gave to truth
we took a moment out of life
and gave our souls to flame that has burnt us

Silence is all that's left
is it not

God knows how this hurts
and still there is nothing else left
for me to do

but to let you go
from my inner world..

to bury you somewhere deep
where even I will be able to forget you..

I loved you,
was I not

I'll kiss you in my thoughts for one last time,
as a friend whose passed away..

Perhaps we'll see us once again,
shall we not
in some far away land of remembering



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