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The Peace and Harmony reading is a terrific bargain for a multi-faceted, in-depth look at your potential for personal power through non-violence and compassion. And will automatically save this reading for you to come back to later, or share with a friend (earning Karma Coins), print out, etc.

This reading takes a deep look at your personal or spiritual path. It contains 11 positions (described below) which will provide you a many-faceted overview of all the major aspects of the self-development process. This spread will help you get a profound perspective on how to heal the conflicts of the past and take the next skillful steps along your journey of peace -- for your sake and that of the whole world.

The Peace and Harmony reading covers myriad aspects of your spiritual evolution -- from the influences of your higher self to internal elements of blockage or obstacle. It can be useful for evaluating the path of service you choose to follow, and it will offer you insights and advice to help you on your way.

Attaining inner and outer peace is the ongoing work of a lifetime. All of us have suffered traumas of a physical, emotional or psychological nature. You can use this reading to take a look at a particular aspect of your own inner work. Let the wisdom of this reading encourage you to take good care of yourself for the sake of your peace of mind and peace in the world.

Your Interpretations

Self: Knight of Wands


You appreciate the benefits that come from applying your self-confidence toward the preservation of a peaceful order in your world.

The card in the Self position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself right now, including how at peace you are with and within yourself.

The King of Wands in this position shows you projecting a sense of personal power and security worthy of respect and appreciation. This is your time to shine and for your uncommon sense to be recognized. Be careful, though -- this king can be interpreted as autocratic. Strive to be objective and open-minded to avoid overly offending others who may disagree with you.

Remember that everything is cyclical and passes through its own seasons. A sense of serenity felt at the top is no guarantee that a position of influence will last. Stay balanced and use your power wisely to set a good example for people around you.

This suit, most often called "Wands" and sometimes called "Rods" or "Staves," represents initiative, ambition, drive and desire. This is the suit of enterprise and risk-taking.

Traditionally representing the energy of a dynamic King, this card represents the classic conquering hero. He's a charismatic leader, entrepreneurial and ambitious, always creating new adventures. He does this because he doesn't like to stay home or to have to "mind the store" -- he gets to feeling restless and bored with the predictable. If you need a crusader, or someone to take on a big challenge, he's your man. He needs a big assignment, and would rather lead than follow.

It could be said that he has a bit of an ego, as evidenced in his enjoyment of flattery and praise. Ever a bit the performer, he overachieves in situations where it will be noticed, but in private he wants to be served and adored like the head lion of a pride. A benevolent despot, he makes life wonderful for those he loves, and just the opposite for those who displease him.

The card in the Self position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself right now, including how at peace you are with and within yourself.

The Self position points to an aspect of your inner identity, your basic individuality -- without regard for how others might see you.. In this context, who you are hinges on current attitudes you hold toward yourself, as well as your cultivation of inner peace and harmony in the world.

Consider the meaning of the card that lands here in light of your inner experience, your personal perspective about yourself and the issues you bring to this reading. Who are you? What kind of attitude or energies are affecting you right now? What do you want? It's not always easy to know yourself. Clarity about values and roles is essential for skillful behavior. Values evolve, but don't be too attached to roles -- they can change.

Your attitude is of primary importance here because, more than anything, it supports a capacity for happiness, success and love. How are you contending with fears that arise? What aspect of yourself is in need of development here? Is there any attitude that may be in need of change?

The way you perceive yourself may prove to be accurate or inadequate as the reading unfolds. You may want to take a second look at this position at the end of the spread.

Situation: The Lovers


You are faced with a choice that challenges your ability to trust yourself.

The Situation position refers to the general set of influences that surround you and affect your personal experience of peace. We all have to deal with conflict and are affected by the process.

When the Lovers card appears in this position, you may need to make a choice. You are standing at a fork in the road and only one path may be chosen. It is the destination you are trying to reach that will guide you in choosing which companions are appropriate to your dream. So, get clear about what your goals are. When objectivity is lacking, you may have to use your intuition. You have to look at what is inside of you and consider the future self you need to become in order to fulfill your destiny. Meditating can help to quiet the mind so that your intuition can work.

If you take some time, go within and are honest with yourself, then you will likely discover that peaceful place from which answers arise. However, if you are just fooling around, it could turn out to be costly for your personal and spiritual development.

Although it has taken on a strictly romantic revision of meaning in some modern decks, traditionally the Lovers card of Tarot reflected the challenges of choosing a partner. At a crossroads, one cannot take both paths. The images on this card in different decks have varied more than most, because we have had so many ways of looking at sex and relationships across cultures and centuries.

Classically, the energy of this card reminded us of the real challenges posed by romantic relationships, with the protagonist often shown in the act of making an either-or choice. To partake of a higher ideal often requires sacrificing the lesser option. The path of pleasure eventually leads to distraction from spiritual growth. The gratification of the personality eventually gives way to a call from spirit as the soul matures.

Modern decks tend to portray the feeling of romantic love with this card, showing Adam and Eve at the gates of Eden when everything was still perfect. This interpretation portrays humanity before the Fall, and can be thought to imply a different sort of choice -- the choice of evolution over perfection, or the choice of personal growth through relationship -- instead of a fantasy where everything falls into place perfectly and is taken care of without effort.

The Situation position refers to the general set of influences that surround you and affect your personal experience of peace. We all have to deal with conflict and are affected by the process.

The Situation position provides a general context for your question -- the set and setting, the politics, whatever is going on around you that might be impacting the situation or issue you are consulting the Tarot about. This card could apply to a specific drama or dilemma that you are now confronted with.

Consider this card in light of the issues, people, and forces shaping your environment, your current situation.

Consider the set of influences that surround you and affect your personal life. Take a look at how you have been wandering down your chosen path. Our experience is naturally affected by external factors and cycles, the issues and conflicts of the times. This card can offer clues as to skillful adjustments you might make.

Challenges/ Opportunities: Six of Swords


Be prepared to change your point of view. Use analytical thinking to see that which you have been overlooking.

The card in the Challenges/Opportunities position reflects how you can use creativity and skill to turn conflicts into harmonious understanding.

The Six of Swords in this position challenges you to examine the technical aspects of your current situation. Logical, rigorous analysis will empower you now, substantially clarifying important issues.

When unseen patterns become visible, you will realize with surprise that they were active all along. You have to first reorganize your mind in order to clearly see factors you usually take for granted. Don't wait for someone else's solution. Reach deep into yourself and confirm that you have what it takes to figure this out. If you study the situation, you will know what to do.

The Six of this suit has generally been associated with the objectivity of scientific method, employed through the generations to sift fact from superstition, build facts into theories, and theories into Laws which we can trust and use to improve our lives. One early title for this card was The Navigator -- one who has learned enough about the relation between the Earth and the Heavens to be able to set a course across trackless oceans and arrive at a chosen spot on distant shores.

At the time of the first Tarot decks, this skill was considered akin to magic, so few were the individuals who understood the principles involved. So the person who draws this card is being typified as a person with special knowledge, an insight into sophisticated techniques that may be powerful enough to effect a rescue in a dangerous time. Other related titles that are common to this card are The Path (out of danger) and The Way Through.

The card in the Challenges/Opportunities position reflects how you can use creativity and skill to turn conflicts into harmonious understanding.

The Challenges/Opportunities position helps you get the best out of your situation. it reflects the cutting edge in the situation, the learning curve whereby you can turn adversity into accomplishment -- using creativity and a positive attitude.

This card can point to recurring themes in the challenges you have faced in your life -- and to opportunities that may yet present themselves. Can you think of any patterns which are returning to affect you now? If so, try to recall how you have reacted in the past. Perhaps you can see new potentials, while noticing the hidden pitfalls too. Can you imagine a different way of responding to the situation this time around?

The wisdom of this card can help you turn surprises into strengths, blind spots into windows of opportunity. Bring creativity and flexibility to the way you go about your way in the world. Your expanding capacity wll become an asset and source of inspiration to all.


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