In deep love it happens that the two persons are not two.
Something between the two has come into being,
and they have just become two poles.
Something is flowing between the two.
When this flow is there, you will feel blissful.
If love gives bliss, it gives bliss only because of this:
that two persons, just for a single moment, lose their egos.
The "other" is lost, and oneness comes into being just for a single moment.
If it happens, it is ecstatic, it is blissful, you have entered paradise.
Just a single moment, and it can be transforming.



Anonymous said...

Hi lavinia,
Nice to read these words about're you! How's life?
joseph aka Orgasmik.

Lavinia said...

Hey Joseph, my beautiful friend :) So many changes in mu life in a meanwhile, how are you? Still in FR :)?

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy for you for all the good things in your life....i missed you
and so i came saying hello,

Yes, France is my home now for so many reasons.

i've finished my first year of studies in psycho-therapy, i'm doing it for fun, to find new terms to express myself.

Its so nice that you remeber me...and hope you'll keep in touch.
i'd be happy to learn more about how things 've turned out for you!

Lavinia said...

hey J, I've just finished the foundation course for counseling and psychotherapy! 3 1/2 months of an intense and very interesting course! that is soo unbelievable coincidence - if that exist :) i was thinking - as architecture in Ireland is dead - that i could move into this direction professionally - and i probably will - as soon as my financial circumstances improve so that i may support myself for those 4 years of study! but I'm so glad to hear you had same interest :) tell me more if you have time please :)

lots of love to you!!


Anonymous said...


perla previous tiamat lol *____*

Anonymous said...

for joseph

may peace be with you, joseph.



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