Moon in Leo: Playing by Heart

With your Moon in Leo, you may have experienced a bit of glamour around your mother, or other primary caregiver. Life may have been a party whenever she entered the room. On the other hand, a Leo Moon can indicate a mother who never grew up. The shadow side of this Mother Moon tends toward arrogance and melodrama. It may be that you had to vie for attention and love. Whatever the case, early childhood experiences made you crave big life and big love, giving you a glimpse of the ways you might tap into your own inner resource and unleash the Lion within.

Throughout your childhood, you may have learned that the way to get love was by expressing yourself -- whether that meant grabbing the spotlight or joyfully sharing your ideas with others. This rich and fiery emotional inheritance provides you with the tools to encourage others to be whoever they are and open up to their own dramatic sides. You are incredibly affectionate and can be loyal to a fault. You want everyone to feel special and to create relationships full of romance and play. Your own instincts for flair help the people in your life tap into greater joy and celebrate the artistry inherent in all walks of life.

Early childhood patterns may have created a need within you to experience relationships as exciting and dramatic. This can lead you to balk at commitment once the initial thrill is gone. "Falling in love" is often more appealing than being in a relationship. A sense of boredom may lead you to outrageous behaviors. Playing the field is one thing, but there's another word for that these days: player. Sometimes, your need to feel special manifests as the attention-seeker who steals everyone's thunder and makes others feel unimportant except as admirers or attendants to the queen/king. Be mindful of behavior that one-ups what someone is expressing to you. "Oh, you're afraid of spiders? Well, I am so afraid of them, that once I crashed my car into a building because one was crawling on my leg." That sort of thing.

The other side of this golden coin is your inherent generosity and great big Lion heart. The key to your art of loving is emitting the radiance of the Sun, which comes naturally through you when you allow for others to be special in their own ways. Giving yourself time for artistic exploration and play is essential to feeding your Moon. Everyone in your life will be much happier if you are being creative. When you try to hide your light under a bushel, you end up resenting the people you're trying to protect from your fire. When you demand that others bow down to your glory, you miss out on the joy of giving someone else the chance to shine. Trust that by giving in to your creative side and cultivating your natural flair, others will see the real you and appreciate your enthusiasm for life.


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