Moon in Aries: Reclaiming Wilderness

With the Moon in Aries, your mother or other primary caregiver may have been a powerful protector in your childhood. Expressing anger may have caused much family turmoil, but withholding it was just as dangerous as letting it out. You may have felt you had to compete for affection. Whether through friendly encouragement or outright intimidation, these experiences taught you to be your own person and not to let anything get in the way of what you want. You may have taken the brunt of some pretty harsh expectations of achievement and success.

In this way, you inherited a tricky mixture to balance in your relationships. You do know what you want, and aren't afraid to ask for it. Although this can look selfish to others, it is because of your natural sensitivity to others and a strong intuition that you are able to make such demands from life. When you tap into the core knowledge that you have a unique gift to bring the world, and are the master of your own destiny, you let go of having to be right and enforce your rules on others. Just like a seed bursting forth from fertile soil in the spring, the mighty power that directs you also connects you to others. Its power is the essence of life itself.

You may have an unconscious expectation for friends, partners and other loved ones to know what they want and take it -- or to let you do it for them. Being unassertive may be seen as weakness or deficiency, and a lack of action frustrates the Aries Moon. Other times, you may be looking for clues about who you are in the other person -- attaching to another then becomes a matter of self-preservation; they are a part of your identity. If they fail, you feel like a failure for choosing them. You do need someone who is as strong as you are, so they can meet the challenges of life with vitality and brilliance. Just remember that strength comes in many different flavors, sizes and colors.

The key to your art of loving is to accept your own wild nature and work with it consciously. When you embrace your inner strength, you can learn to dance with your instincts and still have respectful relationships. Cultivating thoughtful awareness of your emotions often means finding personally fulfilling outlets for your power. When you satisfy that inner-wilderness, you create more space for the people you love to be who they are and relieve the pressure for your relationships to be the sole source of fire.


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