I'm thinking of you even when I do not
Longing for you while you are so far away
I know you will be back, this is all so good for you
I know

You have new friends new home new life new experiences
You learn so much every day I know that all

But I miss you
is it that I really shouldn't?

This past month was like six months for me,
Next five may be like five years, I guess?

I would love to prepare myself for you
For our encounter there in the future
I'd love to be the best I can by then
Perhaps this is all good for me too?

But how I'd love to feel your lips once again
Would love to be embraced by you once again
Would love to laugh with you as before once again

But I ... I will let go..?

They say what love is great that was easy

But should I try to embrace this moment
and this very moment only..
when the pain that I feel caused by our separation
is just too strong and in a way unhand-able for me...



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