You know?

there is no day
that i do not think of you..

sometimes just the smell in the air seems familiar, reminds me of
moments when i was breathing your presence

sometimes it is the touch of the usb rope
that u gave me with all those videos on it

sometimes i look at myself and remember
this red sweater was given to me by you

did i ever tell you i love to wear it
on my naked skin
it feels so good knowing it was once
carried by your hands..

sometimes it is just something you said to me
that i notice it echoes within me

sometimes, it is ur smile in my mind
the fire in your eyes the darkness of ur
beautiful soul..

i hear..
u moved on..
u have another son..
u r happy with her
she is in good relationship
with ur ex wife
and your three kids
it makes u satisfied

is it true?
i have no idea
why i doubt that...

i want to believe u moved away from that cursed place where
we loved each other
as i am fully aware it is the past
that five years of dust
covered diligently

u are still in my heart
and somehow, sometimes
i know i am still in yours...

Photo: Salvador Dali: Persistence of Memory, 1931.


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