They say, I've heard
that after two people are making love
their spirits left tangled
for the next seven years
after their bodies separate..

I do not know how many years they stay gathered
if those two are in love at the same time
but I hope in two years
I will become forever free
from you
inside me..

photo: sadness
by Lavinia


tiamat said...

Dont we all, sometimes, feel like living in a culture grounded in a battle field: good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, dark vs. light...
That always reminds me of the fall of the first couple and all who have failed to please their Creator and have suffered tremendous consequences. But the fall of Eve is the most consequential of all. As a result of Eve's fall, all mankind was affected. I don't mean that Adam and Eve's sin was literally imputed or that some sinful nature that they may have developed was arbitrarily transferred to the human race, but the effects of Eve' sin continue today. Mostly people dont understand the nature of sin, nor what leads to it.
For those without knowledge Eve made six steps (listened, looked, desired, sinned, hid and blamed). which determined her fall. She listened evil, looked evil, and then desired evil, which cast her in sin. If she had known the nature of evil, she could have listened it, and looked it, and not desired it, and she would have avoided the sin. But she did opposite. Realized what she had done, she tried to hide the sin, but unsuccessfully, and then she blamed another for her own sin.
This leads me to subject about truth and trust in love, and how
a lack of trust often leads to deception and lying, and more then often brings sins in our lifes. As I see trust is essential for those who are in love.
It is impossible to have a close, intimate relationship when people do not trust their partners. Trust involves knowing that a partner has your best interest at heart. It is hard to feel safe and secure when you think you are involved with someone who would betray your trust, and it's hard, almost imposible for that kind of relationship to last.
What I want to say is, not only is trust important, but it also influences our deceptive behavior. People have a fundamental need to "get even" - it is called "reciprocity."
We like to treat people as we have been treated. Smile at someone and watch what happens back. This desire to reciprocate - the desire to return favors and repay punishments is very difficult to control. So when a partner betrays our trust, it's natural to want to get even. Essentially people think "if you are not honest with me, why should I be honest with you?"
And reciprocity helps explain why trust is so important in a relationship or marriage.
If you do not trust someone, who you are close to, you are less inclined to tell the truth.
Deception can quickly take over you when trusting is missing.
What i wanted to say is, that without pure love, trust and strong faith in your heart, you couldnt be initiated in divine wisdom, nor endure in walking a righteous path and trust your own heart, even when you were told, of course for your own good, that a man you'd give your life for, had spent a new year's eve with another girl by his side...

Happy New Year, dear.
I wish light never leave your path, and all dreams become reality.

Lots of Love 2U.

Lavinia said...

hey, tiamat,

thank you very much, and all the best 2 u 2 in this 2009 :))

in regard the story of adam and eve's sin, i have 2 say i do not believe in this fairytale. there is no sin in sex, or in love, and all that concept is so wrong, did lot of damage to our humanity.. i believe love is pure, and sexuality is a sacred part of ourselves.. i believe people should live free from guilt about that, should discard that story told by the church mainly in order to control peoples lives. lots could be said about this, and i will write more here if you are interested :))

kisses and hugs :)

ps. since i do not have ur email address, id just pass orgasmik's best wishes for the new year to you here

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