This time

This time I will only be
Let the centuries flow through the vastness of the soul
Let the worlds collide somewhere else
Let the wars calm down
and the warriors through their weapons away

This time
Only silence will merge with the beats of this heart
only stars will shine outside and within


orgasmik said...

This is a beautiful peice of reflections and wishes.I enjoyed the music that you have shared.

i came quite a few times to visit your blog ,wondering what new inspirations had kept you in silence. But, now that you're questions have dissapeared.


Sanja B. said...

thank you, my friend )

Ancient Clown said...



Man's Frankenstein
Wasting it away since it's creation
Killing it off till our cremation.

Not a second to spend
Nor a minute to lose
Living or dying?
Who has time to choose?

your humbles servant,
ancient clown

Sanja B. said...

nice to see you again, ancient :))
thank you very much for your poem ***

Knight Of The Storms said...

since the time seems to be the theme
here is my contribution

Sanja B. said...

hey knite :) - nice 2 c u again!
and yes, the music is beautiful, thanks for sharing !

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