fact that i love you means nothing

if I cannot touch your face
and look deeply into your eyes
travelling through your soul
into depths where no one yet
has come

if I cannot lay my hand
onto yours and hold your fingers a while
feeling the flow that is connecting us
even when we are miles apart
from each other

if I cannot embrace you around your hips
slowly crawling my fingers under your shirt
to feel the destroyable
tenderness of your skin
like before


where is she?


orgasmik said...

Did someone say that to you??

Sanja B. said...

no :)

i said it silently to someone who is far away and.. long gone

tried to get him out of me.. or just to love him once again who knows :)

Clarissa said...

You write very well.

Lavinia said...

thank you very much, clarissa :))

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