Tired of dreams
tired of past
tired of future
that does not exist

I chose to live
in this very moment
because that is all that is
because I have no other option
because this moment is
the only reality.



orgasmik said...

How life tames us with its whip. ONLY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU HAVE UNDERSTOOD.
Yes, this is it!!
There's nowhere from 'here'.Where you are the world is.
Resolving yourself in the 'now', only the mind wants to make something out of it..
Surrender to every struggles, let the floods carry you away...in this way that which breaks you will build you. Then, you'll know that all struggles have ended !!
When this happens the clarity that comes will make you see the sun so differently....You will bow at it not for spirituality sake ; not for any quests for perfections but because life and you are one.
Love will come like a bird to build its nest because life and you are one.

Lavinia said...

"only the mind wants to make something out of it.."
hm.. this is the heaviest part.. because, there is something good in it? but then, the right measure of a pure wish, to be able to wish with the pure heart, but still not to ask or demand anything, and to trust to life which is beyond us..
it is very, very hard........

but until now, i am just giving up of struggle ;).......

orgasmik said...

But like you said on June 15, 2007:
"Its not about resistance ,and fight...but more about acceptance and kindness"

Lavinia said...

yeah, you re right..
i am sorry for i am so pessimistic, for i find it very hard to live and believe any more..
like a scorpion that bites itself and dies, that is how i feel in my life.. i believe the pure love is such a beautiful power beyond all and everything, but this what happens in reality between people hurts me so much, i just cannot survive..

greetings to you, thank you for taking your time to drop by to this whatever.........

orgasmik said...

Hi Lavinia,
Feel like talking to you ,...like a friend, like a mirror,like a voice....

i don't have the pretention to know more about love than anybody else..but, when its inside me i don't have the need to question it.

Now about being the "scorpion"...'reality'; 'pure love'; 'hurts' etc..don't you see you can clothe and undress our life with every kind of ideas that finish us being even more frustrated .... like for example 'pure love' and things like that...and so we go on suffering??
But the truth is-- we don't love ourselves; so how can we hope somebody else to love us.
The experience through which we move, through which we hope to go higher- We even go to the extent of calling this as growth...but what's growing up about??
If we shift from one misery to another misery (in more beautiful clothes) where will that get us to.

Maybe when you'll make yourself available to all the natural space inside you...you won't seek to improve on yourself...
we always wanting to improve ourselves and everything arround it.become pure beings etc..How can one be better than what one is...

Are we not rather struggling with the 'idea of how happiness' should be??.. than just being happy??
Is'nt happiness about 'being oneself' rather than what our mind dictates us to be.

We make our lifetraps and for the others.
And the game goes on...

All this might sound discouraging...such things are very difficult for the mind to swallow...

Invite the sponteneous 'river of your being 'to flow out of you...it alone will whisper to you all the secrets of happiness; love ; beauty;or whatever....
When you and your river will flow as one..all else will blossom.
This is Yoga....the flowing of your river!! iT CONNECTS YOU WITH YOURSELF THEREFORE THE WORLD§§

The mind builds walls arround this thing which is alive as life itself...and soon ; one can only be unhappy or be in something that seems like happiness.
So start loving yourself; not as a woman but as a person.
Nobody else in the world can do it better than you yourself...all the rest will follow.
Send you a very quiet and peaceful energy from here!!

Anonymous said...


da li ima sanse da dodjes na Kundalini intenziv u maju? bilo bi super da se malo druzimo...
volim te!

Lavinia said...

pa jako bih volela ali ima nekih poteskoca.. u maju treba da produzim vizu na dve godine jer mi istice 5og, a drugo u prilicno sam teskoj finansijskoj situaciji.. sam bog zna koliko bih volela da dodjem na to i koliko bi mi znacilo..

saljem ti kisses and hugs :))

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