Is the history of Humanity
the history of violence

started within ourselves?

How to stop the war within our souls
and to come into real inner peace?


Nuit said...

it is, isn't it? and it starts from the very early age - we are almost hypnotised into violence...

orgasmik said...

An oldman in my village used to tell me " Ignorance is the mother of fear and uncertainity".
Deeper the roots --larger and higher the tree....Out of his fear so much has been born....ESPECIALLY VIOLENCE.

i'd say we cannot erradicate violence totally --we can sedate it, we can dissolve it, we can transform it--the mortido can become libido!!we can call it "creativity"...

Is ending of violence not reconcilliating with our own selves....
Does it not come to offer "that peace" which surpasses all understanding??

Watch the earth quakes and itself is born out of it...

Only in man --it has become a concern;
He knows how to bring --not just destruction;but exterminition...his and that of the others.
Dying is not a problem -- killing is !!
So violence --where is it ??
Is it there now in me ?? How does it shape itself?

If I look at What's going on "now"IN ME just where i' m seated so silently... Where does it begin?? How does it aliment?
Why are my quest for peace itself violent? Is resilence of violence, peace??
Can struggling bring peace; perfection not violent...perfection from what?? Can mastery and self control bring peace?...Who is it in me who wants peace??Who's the operator?

Are there really any opposites!

All i know is -- Peace is a state when all sorts of conflits has ceased in its most profoundest form...
I'm ok so the world is ok.And if the world is'nt ok ..i'm still ok!!
" The desiderata" says ' go placidly amidst the haste and noise and remember what peace there may be in the Silence!!"

There is a very nice Christian salutation.." Peace be with you!"

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