The Prayer

God, I am begging you to forgive me
for the thoughts I will not think
for the things I will not premeditate
for the happenings I will not live

For all un dreamed dreams
for all excursions aside my journey
for the conscious that is roaming sometimes
for everything, for everything, dear God,
I beg you to forgive me.

But God,
I am addressing this prayer to you
not because of your forgiveness
but because of the wish
and the blessing of Thee
that i think all that matters
to deliberate of every signal from haven
to experience every invocation of my destiny
to dream away all dreams of my soul
that i never turn aside of your own path
that the conscious be initiated into everything essential
to know myself within the whirlpools of Life
and conceive everything that is possible to know about oneself
for every step on that journey, I am begging you,
bless me, God.

written sometime in 1985.


Nuit said...

blagoslovljena, u svakom pogledu, si ti, mila!

Lavinia said...

baš me zanima na osnovu čega misliš tako :)

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