I'll be Alright

Spend your life away from me.
I'll be alright.
Perhaps I will think
about un-happened days
forever lost in this
stream of Life.
Perhaps I will grief
for losing the closeness
we shared in our best days.
But I wont miss this.
To be near you
and not to be able
to hear your heart beats.
To be near you
and not to know
your most gentle and secret thoughts.
To be near you
and not to be able to hug you
or kiss you or even laugh with you.
To be near you
and not to be able to tell you
what I dream of
To be near you
and not to share the same vision
nor even
its broken parts.
I'll be al right.
I'll renew my self respect
I ve almost lost
in the past years.
I'll go freely to the world
with the wide open eyes
and believe I am child again.
I'll share my joy for being alive
with the neighbours, strangers, cats
and trees that I am in love with
without fear of to be
I'll spread my hands and touch the sky
as I'm seeing it the very first time.
I'll hug the Life itself
and allow myself
to be Happy again.


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