O. 04

peace is filling my hands
every single cell of my
weightless body
endless lobbies of my
invisible spreadings
soft beacuse of
touches of your
etheric kisses
gifts that you are sending to me
in your thoughts
in your dreams
in your
rippled attempts
to comprehend
these wings that are carrying me
through the dark blue starry storms
I am wishing to you
and I wish you
told without voice
tailoring of the model by which you could
find me when I am not there
love blue and red
that is running down the aorta's with
every beat
of the heart
your sighs that are echoing
across this sky
I hear you.
and I breath peacfully, totally peacfully
I am receiving you as the ocean is receiving
the river with all its memories
I will degrade you only in order to
recreate you again
in that what you are yearning for
and that moment is not far
although the eons can pass by, but
who still cares about the time
in this instant that so gently is chaining us
into infinity...



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