O. 03

I am kissing you.
with my invisible lips wrapped around your dreams
your shiverings in the dawn
that only I can feel
I am carressing your eyelids with kisses small and unreal like
a snowflake on the palm
I am blotting the smell of your skin
childlike gentle

I open my soul
I am opening the box of my forgotten hopes
spilled over the carpet by which
you are comming

I feel how you glide
into my body
how your energy is
fulfilling me completely
with no resistance
the power of gravity
layed once again
its role of ebb and tide
there is no rescue there
it simply is,
like that

I am opening the palms
and from them are flying out all these
that you dared
to wish to make
dangerous games
we both love
I do not speak
I am just silent
here and now
beside you
and your reflection in


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