Always and Only You

I love you.
I have always loved you.
Even when I didn't know your face
And when I haven't touched your hands
And when your strong embrace
Haven't cut me around my waist
And your gentle kiss
enslaved my lips forever

I love you.
I know your every thought
Every flicker
your dreams and visions
I know your paths
and what is dragging you to them
I know you
better then you know

I love you.
I am dreaming about the moment in which
our paths will cross
There is no place for doubt
that we will stay strangers for always
when we are vibrating in this universe
on the same frequencies
with different attributes
facets of the qualities
accords of notes
of the same melody
our own
and non-repeatable

If you hear me
and I know you do hear me
here I am whispering to you
the most gentle words
with the most passionate sounds I am dew-ing your forehead
I am hugging you with the hands endless as the sea
In my pupils
traces of your ideas
I am following them all
all by one, the most hidden
the most sweet

I love you.
There, just that you know that,
like this, written,
black on white.


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