"But I Have Stopped to Dream...."

From tonight, I am not looking for you any more..
not even one of you hidden in some of him
or in many
I do not need your embraces
to feel your wish towards me
your sifts to listen
your yearnings to fulfill

From tonight I walk alone
I am walking, straight as a queen
aware of her own mights
which is admiring the beauty of her kingdom
which is serving to it by all her powers
by all her soul escaped from the heaven
and to heaven returned

From tonight the world is shiny drop on the palm
most valuable


SarahA said...

And from tonight I will do the same or at least try *sigh* Lovely write, you.

Lavinia said...

Dear Sarah,
Please let me know how are you keeping :)

I am still trying to do this, and although not easy, at the same time I feel it is worth of the effort.

Love and peace to you,

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