Lament to freedom

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Dream, laugh, go lightly, solitary, free,

With eyes that look straight forward--fearless voice!

To cock your beaver just the way you choose,--

For 'yes' or 'no' show fight, or turn a rhyme!--

To work without one thought of gain or fame,

To realize that journey to the moon!

Never to pen a line that has not sprung

Straight from the heart within. Embracing then

Modesty, say to oneself, 'Good my friend,

Be thou content with flowers,--fruit,--nay, leaves,

But pluck them from no garden but thine own!'

And then, if glory come by chance your way,

To pay no tribute unto Caesar, none,

But keep the merit all your own! In short,

Disdaining tendrils of the parasite,

To be content, if neither oak nor elm--

Not to mount high, perchance, but mount alone!


orgasmik said...

Cyrano and his long nose in poetry....nice of you to share this!

is everything ok??


Lavinia said...

hey you :)) - i guess it is, a little or a lot in love with someone i shouldnt fall in love with - but ok fiine :)) life s good ;))

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