Let go...

When life hits you with its heavy hammer
just across your head and your heart

When you think there is no exit
but the holly peace of death

When you want to stop breathing
for every breath is just the pain

Let go...
Accept defeat and loss and misery..
Drown in sorrow and vanity and despair

Let go..
Stop pedaling..

Let tears roll over your face
do not stop them
do not make them stronger

Let go...
There is nothing outer
that will ever make you happy....................

despair by =Sinapsa on deviantART


orgasmik said...

Yes, let go .....and life will flow; only the flow of life matters.
Let go.... remain empty.... love mingles with everything.
Every mental walls must vanish ...allow consciousness to perfume the heart.
This is'nt an act of doing but surendering...like a flower to the call of spring.

Lavinia said...

yes, very true again ;)

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