It is Time

It is time to become beautiful
as a butterfly
from the caterpillar
or a lotus flower
from the mud...

It is time to become
the best one can be

to make this world
more graceful.

The time is Now.

The Spring of this Existance
is waiting for our flourishing...


orgasmik said...

The lotus and the butterfly has always been waiting to bloom and spread its wings.
Waiting for the mind to die.
Breaking open the skins of illusions at last you touch the sky.

Lavinia said...

After so many years.. I understood how this mind was keeping me within one world.. that has only one name.. illussion..

When I go through the period of post-suffering (one might say), or through the cutting of the remained attachments, I might have a chance for the first time to see this world as it is.. not as a dream, or my dream about it.. but in its true colours..

And the question i got was.. what will i do with the freedom i have now.. what is the sence of this?
this poem, was kind of an answer, of where to start :)...


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