Dazzled thoughts

Not to expect anything from anyone.

To live your own life.

When you are continuing your life with wrong persons, and your lives actually "stands", and are not moving anywhere, your lives in the fact are going backwards.

To accept the loneliness.
Not to fight against the mud, against the walls of caterpillar.

To accept the mud, the caterpillar.
The loneliness.

Your own life, however it is.
Yourself, however you are.

Until you do not love yourself,
with that unconditioned love that you dream about,
till that the most supreme love is not the part of your relationship towards your life and life itself,
until you first are not the represent of that love,
till then
that love
in your relationships with other people,
will not enter your life.

So you have to become and be so in love with "Her", or with that the most pure, the most supreme, the most alive life,
so that no personal sacrifice is not and not to be hard...

So the story of unconditioned love
is in fact the story of Self-transformation.

To become a being which that kind of love evokes in others..
it means to be a deserving represent

and there all techniques are becoming only the instrument,
and you become your first pupil....

One needs to be transformed,
in order to live that love that he is foreseeing...

And you are becoming an instrument in the service of that love...

That means, to dedicate your life to that Love...

'before that, you cannot..
before that, you are just a child that is reading the fairy tales..'

And that means..
- how do you expect to "provoke" love in others
if you do not provoke it in you?

Do you expect others are stupid? Or unable to see?

It means that you be such, that you first truly love yourself,

and you will love yourself
if you live the best yourself that you foresee,
that you are able to be,
and if you make an effort into that direction
to admire your way...

And there is no shortcut.
And there is no easy way.

Which means again, that the wisdom is
when you chose actions which will in long term
make you happy.

And so we come here to the pure Intelligence.
and the qualities that are coming from her, such as
will, persistence, devotion...

Or, to the truthfulness of the saying,
that everyone is the creator of its own happiness.

Or, that if you are not happy,
for that you have to thank to yourself only.


orgasmik said...

what a remarkable contemplation!
ITS TOTALLY MIND BLOWING..... i smell the perfume of your Soul.

Each and every word IS TREMENDOUSLY ALIVE .....
these are not thoughts ,but the breathing of your soul.
I can feel the power in these reflections....as powerful as any Buddha taking his first dancing step to freedom!
Thankyou, Lavinia.

Lavinia said...

thank you, orgasmik, honestly had no idea if this is at all clear as is written..

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