And this is what Albanians did with our churches on Kosovo

Kosovo, Serbia: Church set in flames by muslim Albanians 2004

unfortunately, this was just an example....


orgasmik said...

Go beyond stones and walls. Go beyond pain and the past....or else it will also engulf you in.
Maintaining images of violence will keep the fire of hate and violence will recur again and again.
Go back into your Khalil Gibran's writings.
Continue to love those you love...who can rob you of your churches inside??
Who can break down what you have raised in prayer??
So drop the divisions in your heart and stay one with the universe.
I don't pretend to be full with truth but am just hoping to point out....when the heart beats it also can beat with love.
The seeds of violence will only bring violence ..the memory of violence must be remembered but not rekindled.

Lavinia said...

the picture sent in this world is so wrong that it makes me sick..
there is no justice in usa politics, or in the european union when is just an usa marionette.
i understand your words, but one has to speak the truth and not to close the eyes towards reality of this also outer world..
i am not violent when speaking the truth of my heart
i am only sad about what this world is turning into.....
and what is going on in my country...
this anger from this night... just shows how lost they are...
and there live people who i love and care for.. my family, my good sisters and brothers and their children, my parents.. their friends..
not all serbs are the same, there are a lot of good people there as well...

Anonymous said...

ljubavi, ja jos uvek verujem da se nesto moze uciniti - sa spiritualnim ratnicima kao sto si ti - Kosovo jos nije izgubljeno.
Volim te,

Lavinia said...

e draga.. nisam sigurna iskreno receno.. kada bi mi imali vladu koja bi povlacila ispravne poteze na duze staze onda da... videcemo.. izbori ce ionako uskoro :)) zagrljaj

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