You Inside Me

I feel I will lose myself in this love for you.
And I am so afraid of that.
I haven't feel like this for a long time.
I am afraid to tell you
how much I love you.
How deep are the feelings I feel for you.
How the depths of my soul are reacting on every your move, outer or inner.
I wanna run away from you,
deny you
deny what I feel
say - it is not true,
it is not happening.
I am afraid to let myself to it.
Feel like I could die from this love.
I am so intrigued by your soul
I wanna taste it, know it, feel it, see deep into it, melt in it, vanish within it... wish to lose myself in you...
You moved me.
You came and just pushed away few little blocks in my life. And I was destroyed for good.

There is some inner body in me which becomes erected only by thought of you.
I am surprised. What is this?
I don't know anything about this...
I could as well cry till the rest of my life
because of the grace I felt

I want you to stay away from me
for the rest of my life has no sense without you.


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