At the same time

(or A moment of Truth)

Life is beautiful.. This planet is beautiful and I love it..

I admire nature in its purity and glory..

And admire people who succeeded in what I have failed...


Knight Of The Storms said...

I am glad you havent given up.

We all hit the bottom sonner or latter but that is the perfect moment , cos from that point the only way is up......:)

So Move on know that late 80ies song - The only way is up by Jazz

Lavinia said...

the only way is up! mmm, babe.. yea i remember something..

although it is hard, i don't deny it..
perhaps the hardest time of my life..
but here i am..
embracing that life again, despite it all :)
i'll walk through

do i really have a choice?
i ask myself sometimes
because, my experience,
in moments of choice
between life or death,
is that
life is always stronger,
stronger than death
and it wants to be lived

(o yea, i was in that moment again after a long long time)
(this sounds almost like a song?)

Lavinia said...

i promise i ll not be so pesimistic or sad in the future ;)

Ancient Clown said...

Blessings: a poem to share.

No one hears your cries for help
Because they are not vocal.
No one listens to what you say
Because you cannot say it.
And still you speak volumes
Upon deaf ears. But no one hears
That your hopes are slowing dying.

You feel as though
You are searching
for something you cannot find
And are tired of looking.

You feel as though
Your heart
Is full of love
But none will take it.

You feel as though
You have found the answers
But are still plagued
By the problems.

The sun only sets
So that it may rise again
Courage, my friend.

your humble servant,
ancient clown

Lavinia said...

very nice poem.
thank you my friend :)

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