After shock from yesterday's choice of Eurosong representative for Serbia, have to post Zeljko Joksimovic (and i am not some huge fan of him :)) who three years ago with the song "My lamb" achieved second place for Serbia and Montenegro...

This song at least had "something", and after all - Zeljko looks very nice :))


ps. he was second with just few votes less from the first - Ukraine - Ruslana and Wild dancers - an Im sure everyone remembers her :d

besides i ve heard she and zeljko had some really good time together ;)


.?. nil2enla ?.? said...

not bad

Lavinia said...

not too bad really :))

when you see this year serbia representative (her name is marija serifovic, and she does not sing too bad eighter but she looks uhm - horrible :o) (sorry for saying that) - you ll consider zeljko's song even more beautiful :d

chears xx

ps. i wont post her video here altho it can be found on you tube)

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