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we were not that "close" in "real cyber life", and maybe what i am doin now is also "wrong", but i really like her photography, specially in a last year or two period. if you want to see more of what this lady is doing, please visit her flickr photo page, or go there by simply clicking on the photo.

btw, her title (about the spring in winter time) inspired me on thoughts about life.. how we meet some right people in the wrong time, or wrong people in the right time.. perhaps the wiseness is in recognizing the right things in the right time, otherwise, we will miss the time of our life struggling...


Knight Of The Storms said...

yea but all these wrong moments keeps as going as they also give us hope that maybe, just maybe we will live to see the day when everything will be right, the times, the people
and our heart

Lavinia said...

if anything I've learned from my past years of hope - is that hope is not a positive feeling or positive way in life.... it may sound pessimistic, but the truth is, hope is in a way, a drug that helps us survive the reality... and the reality should be faced with eyes wide open.. and readiness for action... it is always better... don't you think... :))

Knight Of The Storms said...

yea but hopefull readiness for action is even better :)

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