Goodbye my friend
The hour of separation has come.
We run away from it
wanted to stop the time
to turn the roads to the start
we couldn't win this game
and now
we re

I loved the time we spent
into each others arms.
I loved your voice, your laugh,
your bliss while you held my hand
on our way to the stars.

Now you're gone.
No more.
Your kisses for goodnight
your embracing to keep me from fears
your tender touch on my face
your fingers to wipe away the tears.

I m alone.
You re gone.
no more..............................


Nuit said...

not alone... :)
we are always here for you
to love your flame, your expression of love, your special touch to our lives

Lavinia said...

:) tnx sis :)
sorry 4 not writting lately :)
hope 2 come back soon :)

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