Have you ever loved the man
Not wanting anything from him
Just being happy that he exists
Exactly the same as he is
Not to change a single part
of his soul of his spirit
Not even wanting that he knows
for your love


Knight Of The Storms said...

as I said that kind of love is very fabric our spirit is made of

Lavinia said...

:) thanks :) i wondered what kind of love is that :)

Rev. Joseph G. Steadman said...

Niely done!

Rev. Joseph G. Steadman said...

Nicely done!oops

Zârck. said...

Interesant blog.
Visit my Garden.
Thanks from Spain.

Nuit said...

prelepa povezanost, prelepa otvorenost, prelep tok :)

Steve said...

If you are a part of his life,
then doesn't that mean that you have changed his life in someway?

And if you love him, aren't you glad this happened?...and don't you want his life to change everyday?

Lavinia said...

thank you all for your visits and comments, i really appreciate it :)

@ steve, i am part of his life, but not in the ordinary way - u c, we do not even live in the same states :)
i am very glad this love happened, and you may have a point, that i should want his life to change in some way - just maybe not yet, and when - i dont know now ;o)

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