A Prayer

O pour your Mercifulness on me, my Love
So that freely I can fly nearby you
So that love as the River thru my chest is runing
So alive, so powerful as a Woman

O pour your Mercifulness on this world, my Love
On this world fulfilled with the silent call
I am praying to you as a child with an innocent soul
Sincerely and burnt by the stars of yearning

Pour your Mercifulness as a golden water, my Love
Give me your hands, your heart, your whole body
Wash me with Your love and Consciousness
Give me your Thoughts, my Teacher

Connect me with Thyself into Eternity,
into One

Bring me closer to You,

written on the same day, ten years ago


Nuit said...

love, love and only love
shining love for you!

Lavinia said...


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