I had a vision
fulfillment all around


It must be from this beautiful sunshine
Or the birds flying high on the sky
Or the children laughing in the park

This green beautiful light
on the tree leaves

Something in the air
it must be

It cannot be
that I am falling..
falling in Love


Knight Of The Storms said...

why not?!

bthw. I like your poetry very much

Lavinia said...

ur words are kind
and so is ur heart

thank u for visiting my stone tower :)

Lavinia said...

i know, i havent answer to your question, why not..

thought about it, thou

there are two answers:
the first,
the poet made a little joke, i think.
she made a joke with love, as life made joke with her.. so she only smiled back

second: after so many years of closeness,
there is something scary in opening once again, dont you think?

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