In me, Somewhere Deep

In me Somewhere Deep inside
Behind all that pain and despair
Lives a God
Lives a Divine
Pure joy
Endless Smile
And Love
Somewhere Inside me behind all the
Lives Enlightened
It is the only real spring
Of all my joys
In me somewhere completely deep within
And from time to time it rises
And dazzle with its beauty
Everything else
For these moments
Worth of living for
And that is changing me
It plays the gentlest music
On the strings of my Soul
Makes me a bird
And a poet of Kindness
Beyond the Space
Beyond the Time
It, Beloved
In me, somewhere deep


cybele malinowski said...

hello lavinia!

looks like we have a lot in common. pleasure to meet you

Nuit said...

some heroes are closer than you think
some lovers are just around the corner
go onto the tip of your toes and you will discover a completely different world

Lavinia said...

hi, nice to see you here - pleasure is all mine :)

Lavinia said...

"Listening to the ocean, or listening to the thundering of the clouds, or listening to the rain falling heavily, just put your ego aside, because there is no need... The ocean is not going to attack you, the rain is not going to attack you, the trees are not going to attack you – there is no need of any defense. To be vulnerable to life as such, to existence as such, you will be getting these moments continuously. Soon it will become your very life. "

with love 2 u sis

GroovinJim said...


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